One of the Wildest Rides Ever

For the past ten years, I have been a professional driver. I followed in my grandfather’s footsteps. He started his own limo service many years ago. He passed the tradition down to my father. He took the business to the next level. He was able to purchase more vehicles to transport more passengers. Today, I am in charge of the family business. I am determined to make my grandfather and father very proud. I updated the business. My company recently started to offer prom limo bus rental services. We help a number of clientele with their traveling needs.

Prom is always one of our busiest seasons. We make lots of customers and profit during this time. The students want to best prom they can have. My job and responsibility is to make sure that happens with little or no mistakes and imperfections. Last year, I had the pleasure of transporting Rich Lee and his friends to the prom. Rich Lee is the son of a wealthy Korean businessman. Continue reading “One of the Wildest Rides Ever”

Top 25 Ways to Save on Paris Travel

rainy-day-in-parisjpgParis has its price. The City of Lights is also the city of big-ticket gourmet meals, lavish palace hotels and extravagant haute couture. But you don’t have to live like the Sun King to discover that a trip to the French capital isn’t cheap. Depending on the season, even mid-range Paris hotels can cost upwards of 300 euros per night. Transatlantic flights are expensive. Meals in the most tourist-mobbed parts of the city (and those with the most Michelin stars) come at a premium.

While Paris can be a pricey place to explore, like any large city, it offers a wealth of pocketbook-friendly — and utterly worthwhile — activities for the traveler on a budget. Moreover, you can save on lodging, meals, transportation and other expenses if you plan wisely, while still enjoying a splendid Parisian getaway.

Trip Planning

1. Choose your season carefully. While many destinations have obvious high and low tourist seasons, Paris is different. It’s popular throughout the year, and one can expect to see mobs of tourists in balmy summer months as well as during the colder part of the year —

Do and Dont When Visiting Paris France

T8265b1308c52560381b20147f92649f7ips to take the hassle out of your trip, and to help you avoid inadvertent “Ugly American Syndrome”.

1. Do Learn Some French Phrases, Don’t Stress About Using Them – Most Parisians in the tourists areas speak some English. However, when in France, learn some polite French phrases to “break the ice.” You only need to learn five key phrases, and you’ll be surprised by the effect that they’ll have.

Bonjour – Hello. Always followed by the formal (by US standards) Monsieur (male), Madame (female), Mademoiselle (young female)

– Au Revoir – Goodbye

– S’il vous plait – please

– Merci – Thank you

– Je ne parle pas francais. En anglais, s’il vous plait – I don’t speak French. In English, please?

After asking politely if they speak English, most Parisians will say “une peu” (a little) and begin speaking English to you. A little effort on your part to learn a few phrases goes a long way to bridge the communication gap.

Also, don’t stress if they answer “non” (No). Smile and use the international language of hand motions. You’ll be amazed how much can be conveyed with body language and “drawing in the air”.

2. Do Shop in

12 Things You Should Know Before You Visit Paris

Paris_word_art_icon1. Not all Parisians are rude. Nor do they hate Americans.

Now, I am certainly not guaranteeing that you will only run into totally charming and polite people during your trip to France, but I do think people assume they will get poorer treatment in Paris than most actually do. Contrary to popular belief, not all French hate Americans. In fact, especially among the younger generation (many of whom love American pop culture), seeing an American is a great excuse to practice their English and discuss American movies and music.

They say that there are Parisians and then there are the rest of the French (much like how in the U.S. there are New Yorkers and then there are the rest of Americans). People in Paris do tend to be more big city like—a little no nonsense and, yes, sometimes rude. That does not mean, however, that you should expect poor treatment during your stay in the City of Lights. In fact, you may be surprised just how friendly everyone seems to be. Be courteous, don’t bash the French way of doing things, try to learn a few phrases and you may just come home

About Choosing Honeymoon Vacations

Choosing Honeymoon VacationsFinding the right person and falling in love is no easy task, and when we finally find the right “one” it is normal to want to tie the knot and be eternally together in the bonds of marriage. Your honeymoon can be a great new beginning of your new life together and it is one that demands careful planning. Honeymooners will often choose the best crewed yacht charter holiday, but there are plenty of other options – If you are still considering the best spot to spend your honeymoon, we have an idea for you in store.

Honeymoons can be considered as vacations. Probably the biggest difference between honeymoon and a family vacation is the romance and the kids! Honeymoons are private times where romance, fun and excitement are essential elements to be included. It is a special moment for the newlyweds.

There are many options to choose room when to comes to planning. The most popular places for honeymoon vacations would be at the most popular beaches, resorts and other secluded areas. You can spend your

Setting Up Your Own Personal Portfolio

Setting up your own personal portfolio can be intimidating to someone who is new to the world of creating webpages. Even to somebody who has played around with creating webpages, it can be a tricky task. Creating a website is easy. Creating a website that looks good and consistently receives traffic and generates leads for you, now that requires skill.

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Setting up your portfolio once you have bought the domain and established GoDaddy as your host takes some skill. If you have never done this before, playing around with GoDaddy’s web builder can be fun, but a little frustrating. Instead, for the complete novice, you most likely want to get

22 Lessons Learned: Services

What You Should Look for In a Luxury Hotel It can be difficult to tell what a luxury hotel really offers if you simply scan through the details given in the hotel’s website. If you have gone to the place before then that is the only way to be sure. With others, you will not know what services and amenities are available until you arrive at the place. However, there are steps you can take to ensure that you can get the best luxury hotel that will give you the comfort that you will need during your stay. One way that you can tell what the services in the hotel is like is by calling directly. With a receptionist on the line, you can simply ask all the questions that you are interested to find out about. In order for you to have a great vacation, you need to be able to have the best room that can meet your needs.
The Beginner’s Guide to Options
You should know what to expect from a luxury hotel. In a luxury hotel, the rooms should be large and spacious. Spas offering different types of treatment are on

Vacations – Getting Started & Next Steps

Luxury Holiday Villas: How to Spend Your Holidays With the Family Spending quality time with family is a very important aspect that should not be ignored and taken for granted but with all the expensive prices that we have today, achieving such goals will not be that possible anymore, thanks to the new options that we have today such as renting luxury holiday villas, we can now spend quality time with family without having to spend too much. For people who want to go out on a vacation, the very first thing that they will be doing is to book a reservation in a hotel that is located within or near the place where they want to spend their vacation due to the belief that they can save money from you can actually save more with luxury holiday villas. There are also a number of companies that you can find that offer such, not to mention that what comes along with the cheap price is a series of benefits that is just too much to ignore. So that you will be well aware of the number of benefits that you will get from such investment,

Finding Parallels Between Backpacks and Life

Why Should You Own a Good Backpack? People who enjoy traveling know how important it is to take along with them the necessities they need on their trip. However, one might find that lugging around a huge suitcase can be very detrimental to the whole course of the trip. This is because a suitcase is generally space-consuming, and one who takes it along will find that he or she does not have the convenience of moving around easily. The best thing that people who love to travel can own, then, is a good sturdy backpack. When you own a backpack, you will certainly enjoy a lot of wonderful advantages. The first benefit of owning a good backpack is that backpacks are very easy to store. If you are tired of having the inconvenience of traveling with your suitcase and constantly trying to find a place for it to fit in every bus or train you take, it is definitely time to change your travel style and purchase a good backpack. Backpacks definitely make it easier for everyone because they don’t require a huge amount of space – they can be fitted easily into overhead compartments, on the